Rebranding and point of the situation

New Daemons logo

You’ve probably noticed we have just rebranded. Now we are Daemons.

Being at the dawn of our journey allows us to be very flexible and make quick decisions. One of these decisions was to drop Balrog and pick a new name that suits us better. As you might know,

“[…] A daemon is a computer program that runs as a background process, rather than being under the direct control of an interactive user.

That is basically our mission: offloading DeFi tasks to background processes that will be automatically executed. Let’s hope this is our first and last rebranding 😉

The team is growing

Daemons quickly progressed from a 1-man-band to a small team of enthusiastic developers working hard to deliver a high quality product.

Our growth didn’t stop here, though. A DeFi consultant and a designer just joined our ranks and are ready to put all their effort in making sure that the visuals and tokenomics of Daemons are as flawless as our smart contracts.

An organic growth is very important to us, so we’ll try to add new team members only when they can really add value to the platform. If you’re interested in joining us or simply have some questions, drop us a line at and we’ll come back to you ASAP.

Updates about the platform

You’re probably curious to see what is the current state, the roadmap, or even to get some sneak peeks at the platform. We bet you are!

At the moment every member of the team is very busy creating, testing, refactoring, designing. We’re working hard to deliver the best possible product to the DeFi community and we’re eager to know what you think about it.

We cannot show anything for now, but rest assured that once all details are set in stone we will:

  • Release Daemons whitepaper
  • Publish a series of articles explaining the platform and tokenomics
  • Publish the roadmap about the current and future versions

Just a bit more patience and you’ll get the sneak peek you’ve been dreaming about.



-- allows you to script operations on the blockchain and have them executed automatically once the conditions you established become true

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